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1 week ago
Simple solution, but with a strong impact! 簡單的方案,但影響力不可小覷 @QuinJunSAT @geoBingAn @AITtomorrow2day @GeoVille_GmbH @GeoThingsTW #FFG @EO #disaster #humanitarian QuinJunSAT photo
1 week ago
Want to know what is happening in the field during a disaster event? Check out how to achieve quickly situational awareness using @QuinJunSAT 想知道災害現場的最新情況嗎?來看看如何使用 @QuinJunSAT掌握第一手資訊。
2 weeks ago
QuinJunSAT will be present at the Living Planet Symposium #EO4society @EO_OPEN_SCIENCE Improving the operational picture in crises and disasters by targeted enrichment of #EO data through crowdsourcing" #ESA_EO QuinJunSAT photo
3 weeks ago
EuropeAid @europeaid
🔴 What is the difference between human beings and human beings?

On #ZeroDiscrimination Day take a stand for a world free from discrimination 🙌

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