QuinJunSAT in the Taiwan Earthquake drill day


On September 21st, the QuinJunSAT pilot was a part of the larger drill in Taiwan – “National Disaster Prevention Day”.

The drill takes place every year and its aim is to prepare the responders, crisis coordinators, volunteers, as well as citizens for potential crisis events focusing on earthquakes. The Taiwanese consortium partner GeoThings is one of the regular participants in this yearly event, and this year Austrian companies GeoVille and Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) have also participated by presenting their solutions important for disaster response.

In particular, GeoVille has provided detection of damages caused by an earthquake using very high resolution satellite images, while AIT and GeoThings have provided crowdsourcing Apps that through volunteers have gathered additional information directly from the affected area. Further, AIT supported creation of the operational picture of the affected area by allowing a quick satellite and crowdsourced information delivery and visualization. See some photos from the event below!