The following deliverable documents are expected during the lifetime of the project, and they will be made available when the FFG allows the public release. However, their finalization is foreseen at the provided dates.

Code Deliverable Title Planned Publication Date
D1.1 Quality Assurance and Risk Management Plan December 2017
D1.2 Project QuinJunSAT: Midterm Report July 2018
D1.3 Project QuinJunSAT: Final Report April 2019
D2.1 System Analysis and Components January 2018
D2.2 Collaboration Environment and Use Cases March 2018
D3.1 Auto-detection Algorithm from Satellite Imaging July 2018
D3.2 Crisis Mapping and Crowdsourcing Applications July 2018
D3.3 Interoperability and Tests September 2018
D3.4 Simulation Runs and Detection Analysis August 2018
D4.1 Pilot User Requirements and Pilot Application Scenario September 2018
D4.2 Validation Report on Pilot Application December 2018
D4.3 Refinement Documentation February 2019
D5.1 Exploitation, IPRs and Licence Agreements for QuinJunSAT February 2019
D5.2 Report on Project Dissemination Activities and Main Results April 2019