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QuinJunSAT in Geospatial World Forum


Geospatial World Forum took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands from 2-4 April 2019. It had more then 1.000 participants, almost 300 speakers, as well as 45 exhibitors. Participants came from different countries and represented different backgrounds, ranging from industry, development agencies, reserach instutions and even to embassies.

QuinJunSAT was presented by Refiz Duro in a session dealing with “Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Recovery vs Sustainability” with the title “Improving the Operational Picture in Crises and Disasters by Targeted Enrichment of Earth Observation Data through Crowdsourcing”.

For more details, please visit the session and the conference website.

QuinJunSAT in Living Planet Symposium


QuinJunSAT will be present at the Living Planet Symposium. The event, which is held every three years, will take place on 13–17 May 2019 in Milan, Italy. The Symposium is organised with the support of the Italian Space Agency. This symposium focuses on how Earth Observation contributes to science and society, and how disruptive technologies and actors are changing the traditional Earth Observation landscape, which is also creating new opportunities for public and private sector interactions.
QuinJunSAT will contribute with two titles:

  • “Earthquakes, Satellites and Crowdtasking in “921 International Disaster Prevention Drill” Day in Taiwan”
  • “Improving the operational picture in crises and disasters by targeted enrichment of earth observation data through crowdsourcing”

See ya there!

在維也納的 EGU 會議上見!


我們以「地球觀測和幫助公民應對危機和災難」為題的投稿,剛被 EGU 會議「公民科學:透過發現新的環境問題並賦予公民權力,彌合科學與社會之間的鴻溝」所接受。會議將於 4 月 7 日至 12 日在奧地利維也納舉行。在此處查看會議頁面
EGU 公告:
我們很高興地宣佈,我們已收到逾 17,000 份 2019 年 EGU 大會的摘要!我們期待著歡迎 4 月 7 日至 12 日在維也納的所有與會者。會議期間還提供了豐富多彩的活動,供大家展示和交流,一位插畫家和一位雕塑家還將在現場與參與者互動。

See ya in EGU in Vienna!


Our contribution with the title “Earth Observation and Contributing Citizen for Crisis and Disaster Resilience” just got accepted for the EGU session “Citizen Science: bridging the science-society-gap by finding emerging environmental issues and empowering citizens”. The conference will take place in Vienna, Austria from 7th to 12th of April. Check the conference page here.

EGU announcement:
We are thrilled to announce we received over 17,000 abstracts to the EGU General Assembly 2019! We look forward to welcoming all participants in Vienna on 7–12 April. Aside from many exciting scientific sessions and events, the meeting will have more time for presentations and networking, an illustrator and sculptor as artists in residence, and much more.

Video on how to use Emergency Maps Tool / 有關如何使用緊急地圖工具的視頻


This 2-minutes video shows how to use QuinJunSAT system. It’s main user interface is Emergency Maps Tool (EMT), while the data comes from change detection based on satellite images before and after the event and the data from crowdtasking activities.

這段 2 分鐘的視頻介紹了 QuinJunSAT 系統的使用方法。其主要用戶介面是緊急地圖工具 (EMT),而數據來自事件前後基於衛星圖像的變化檢測以及來自群體任務活動的數據。

QuinJunSAT presented at the ESA Earth Observation Phi-week


The European Space Agency (ESA) organized a Φ-week event focusing on EO Open Science and FutureEO, hosted in ESA-ESRIN from 12-16 November 2018.
The aim was to review the latest developments in Open Science trends and kick-start innovative activities of the recently created Φ-department looking at FutureEO, and its associated Φ-lab aiming to identify, support and scale bold EO ideas.

QuinJunSAT was presented by the title “Improving Crisis Event Management through EO and Citizens’ Voluntary Engagement” in the Citizen Science session. Refiz Duro (of AIT) showed the idea behind the QuinJunSAT project, its architecture, the developed system and the results of the drill run from the “921 International Disaster Prevention Drill” day in Taiwan.
The presenation can be downloaded from the Publication page.

Further, a video of the Citizen Science session is available below (Copyright ESA – European Space Agency), and the QuinJunSAT presentation is the last one.

QuinJunSAT in Hsinchu-Taiwan Fire Bureau News (Trad. Chinese only)


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新竹縣政府於9月21日配合國家防災日在消防局舉辦「九二一國際防災演習」活動,由局長孫福佑在新竹縣防災應變中心為此國際防災演習活動揭開序幕。本國際防災演習活動由財團法人賑災基金會主辦,並由新竹縣政府消防局以及奧地利研究促進協會FFG支持。與會貴賓來自奧地利技術研究院、奧地利GeoVille、日本東京大學、世界銀行、中華民國台灣女童軍、中華基督教救助協會、國家災害防救科技中心、工業技術研究院和中央大學等單位及新竹縣政府、鄉鎮市公所共同參與。期望透過國際防災技術的合作與交流,融合新竹縣社區自主防災概念,讓新竹縣防災能量可以兼具人性與資訊智慧,並且讓災防應變速度更上層樓! Read More